Cockshoot Cup Final Round Oulton Park

Mixed fortunes for Chesterfield Classic MG Raceing Drivers in the final round of the Cockshoot Cup.

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MG_Midget_Oulton_Park_Cockshoot_Cup_Sportsshots_PhotographyMG_Midget_Oulton_Park_Cockshoot_Cup_Sportsshots_PhotographyMG_Midget_Oulton_Park_Cockshoot_Cup_Sportsshots_PhotographyStart_MG_Midget_Oulton_Park_Cockshoot_Cup_Sportsshots_PhotographyMG_Midget_Oulton_Park_Cockshoot_Cup_Sportsshots_PhotographyMG_Midget_Oulton_Park_Cockshoot_Cup_Sportsshots_PhotographyMG_Midget_Oulton_Park_Cockshoot_Cup_Sportsshots_PhotographySteve_McKie_MG_Midget_Oulton_Park_Cockshoot_Cup_Sportsshots_PhotographyMG_Midget_Oulton_Park_Cockshoot_Cup_Sportsshots_PhotographyOulton Park,What must be one of the best racing circuits in the country for undulating track action played host to the final round of the Cockshoot Cup. Over 30 classic cars competing throughout the season to win this prestigious silver trophy that has been in circulation since 1934. Named after car builder Joseph Cockshoot. The trophy was originally awarded to the winner of an annual sporting trial often involving Mgs pitting the wits against the muddy hilly tracks in Derbyshire. This season we have two Derbyshire Racing Drivers competing in the Championship. Last years overall winner of the Trophy David Morrison competing in a Class B MG Midget and Steve McKie in a Class A MG Midget.

Arriving at this the final round defending champion Morrison was trailing by one point and had it all to do in the race. With very little track time and the cars going straight into qualifying rounds Morrison set straight to it and looking determined from the outset Qualifying 3rd Steve Mckie In his Class A Midget qualified further into the grid in 11th (2nd in his class) leaving him in the middle of the grid for a fight to the first corner.

MG_Midget_Oulton_Park_Cockshoot_Cup_Sportsshots_PhotographyMG_Midget_Oulton_Park_Cockshoot_Cup_Sportsshots_PhotographyMG_Midget_Oulton_Park_Cockshoot_Cup_Sportsshots_PhotographyMG_Midget_Oulton_Park_Cockshoot_Cup_Sportsshots_PhotographyMG_Midget_Oulton_Park_Cockshoot_Cup_Sportsshots_PhotographyThe start found more than thirty something cars cramming themselves into turn one, Old Hall corner leaving Morrison in a healthy position but he was to find himself in a dogfight for the duration of the race trying to defend his position against the might of the Class 3 MG Zs. and Midgets.

Cockshoot_Cup_Sportsshots_PhotographyDave_Morrison_MG_Midget_Oulton_Park_Cockshoot_Cup_Sportsshots_PhotographyThe race took a disastrous turn for Mckie who in a desperate attempt to make up for a poor start put himself off track and into the barrier on lap 2. Fortunately unharmed but leaving him as a spectator for the remainder of the race reflecting on the 2014 season that had given him a cluster of class podiums. Noteably at Silverstone and  closer to home Donington Park.

Morrison”s battle meanwhile continued with one eye on the top prize but the track suited the might of the fully race modified Class C cars who shadowed him for 15 mins of the race pushing him to the limit. It was a lunge down the inside in the iconic Lodge corner that dashed any chance of Morrison retaining the Cup for this season but a 4th overall (2nd in class) gave him the 1st in Class title for 2014.


Steve Mckie meanwhile left to prepare himself for his next race challenge taking him to Spa in Belgium where he will be competing with a MGB V8 in the British Sports and Saloon race, supporting the Spa 6 Hrs endurance race.

Text Copy M Ludbrook

Photos M Ludbrook, D Thorburn



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