Football 24

Its one of the UKs leading sporting pass times and followed by many but a group of lads from Derbyshire are stretching the boundaries of enthusiasm and pushing themselves to the absolute limits of endurance in the 2nd of what is planned to become an annual event to raise much needed funds for local Charity's.

Football 24 kicked off during one of the hottest days in the year with temperatures topping 27c and the evening not much cooler these lads certainly had the work cut out and yet started at a relentless pace.

Organizer Darren Woolley took to the starting line up with over 24 players planning to take part in this marathon 6 a side football competition rotating throughout the 24 hr period. Within the 1st Hr disaster struck Woolley as he went down after a bad turn breaking a leg and dislocating his ankle. The 24 hr marathon continued whilst Darren was taken to hospital for surgery. The evening brought in some new players to continue including Peak 107s Sean Goldsmith who put in a few hrs into the night.
The heat played its part during the indoor sessions throughout the night and by 8AM the players looked to be flagging and struggling to make a full squad.

Appeals went out on the radio and via Twitter and Facebook to encourage anyone who wish to take part to come and give the remaining players a break.Their appeals answered, a full on battle with revived spirits and players to spare greeted the final hour.

In interviews at the end of the game it became apparent that the score had been lost many hrs ago but it was quite clear that the win went to the Black Team.

The chosen charity for 2013 was Ashgate Hospice who provide specialist palliative care both at the Hospice and within the community,based in Chesterfield, Derbyshire. Representative Laura came along to lend her support at the kick off.

To find out more information or make a donation to Ashgate Hospice visit Football 24 on Facebook or

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