Mottocross at Butts Quarry

Early April brought an unseasonal blanket of snow to the region leaving competitors in the forthcoming AMCA Motocross event with twitchy throttle hands,pondering as to if Butts Quarry in Derbyshire would be race ready for a dirty weekend of motocross. They need not have feared as the worried faces,melted away. Thawing to the prospect of a fantastic weekend of high-octane action.......and it delivered.


Sportsshots attended on the Sunday to capture the race action and as the spring sunshine dared to cast its long overdue warmth on the course the first riders accelerated out of the starting grid with the ear-splitting roar of the engines ricocheting around the walls of the quarry.



Throughout the day, each category of riders had three opportunities to compete around the hilly, technical course. The competitors ranged from inexperienced youngsters, loving the experience of pitting their developing bike skills against their fellow racers and the undulating circuit, to expert riders, who seemed to just hang in the air as they achieved some incredible height over Butts’ many jumps.


Amazingly, considering the recent conditions, one or two riders were over heard saying that the circuit “was a little dry and could have done with more rain” but all in all everyone had a fantastic weekend, and as the smell of exhaust lifted out of the quarry, there was a trail of campervans leaving the venue with lots of tired, happy and slightly grubby people looking forward to a well earned shower!

For more images from the weekends action visit the sportsshots motorsport galleries

Images by S Gresty

Copy by S Gresty, M Ludbrook

Event Gallery Images By D Thorburn


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