Bike Trials

Trial this for size


There's nothing like a gentle cycle through the woods, and this, as Rob Leake's photos prove, is nothing like a gentle cycle through the woods.

You've probably heard of trial biking, but we normally associate it with motorcycles

This event, held at Bracken Rocks at Holloway, near Matlock, was all about pedal power rather than horse power. The same principles apply, though; make your way around a two-lap eight-section course without putting a foot down. Each time you do place your sole on terra firma, you incur a five point penalty.

The rider with the least points against their name at the end of the event is the winner.

Bracken Rocks hasn't earned its name for nothing. It is strewn with mossy boulders that provide the perfect props for proving your pedalling prowess.

It wasn't your common or garden cyclist pitting their wits against the terrain either. 

Around 60 or the UK's most talented bikers were in Derbyshire for what was in fact the opening round of the British Trials Cup, run by the Biketrial Federation in association with British Cycling, 3SIXTY and Onza Bikes.

And just to prove the quality of the field, the Elite category was won by a world champion, no less, in the shape of Yorkshire's Jack Carthy.

For a detailed report on the event, check out this link

But before you do, spend a little more time on the site and admire how Rob's old school mastery of the manual focus has captured the skill, the control and the balance needed to be top of this particular game.

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