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Do You Have a Skill to Offer Sportsshots ?.

Sports journalism and photography are all about being part of the action, and nothing beats hands-on experience. is dedicated to getting great sports stories from in and around Derbyshire and its neighbouring counties. What we aim to capture is not just the winning and losing, but the whole essence of how and why people take part. We want to bring less familiar sports to the fore, as well as to give the countless unsung heroes due recognition. We want to celebrate local success and to help turn those triumphs into inspiration for others.

To make that happen, we are looking for people with an interest in photography, sports and feature writing, film making and even presenting to produce articles, images and video footage which can be viewed and watched on this website. It is voluntary, but it is a genuine showcase for your talents. If you can provide the material we can provide the online platform to present it to an audience. Not only that, we also have experienced sports photographers, film maker and former sports journalist to lend their expertise. This is a project we believe could help transform the profile of local sport. It could also be a real opportunity for you to get your work published on the internet,putting you closer to the action and who can say what that might lead to one day? If you're interested in contributing then we'd love to hear from you and discuss your ideas. email us at

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